89 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge
Vélo's architects strongly believe in a sustainable future, and the whole building features the latest in active and passive energy management. Naturally ventilated apartments, low-emission materials and finishes create a healthier environment. Solar panels power all common areas keeping resident’s energy costs low and reducing the buildings impact on the environment.

Building Materials

Vélo is designed for longevity.

  • High-quality durable, low-maintenance building materials designed for long life
  • Focus on low embodied energy per occupant
  • High-density development maximises use of shared services


Vélo incorporates a range of features designed to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Climate responsive design using solar passive principles
  • Emphasis on natural lighting and ventilation
  • Design to maximise thermal performance and minimise summer heat loads
  • Photovoltaics provide solar power to common areas
  • Optional upgrade to include individual photovoltaic systems to select apartments
  • High-efficiency reverse-cycle air conditioning
  • Energy-efficient LED and CFL lighting throughout
  • Energy and water-efficient appliances


Located in the heart of Northbridge, Vélo is conveniently located within walking distance to a myriad of cafes and shopping destinations.

The development also enjoys direct and immediate access to frequent public transport and pedestrian and cycle paths. Its convenient location will allow residents to reduce their overall carbon footprint by utilising the frequent public transport system or by walking or cycling to their destination.

  • Access to great public transport within easy walking distance; Blue CAT Bus at your doorstep; Perth train station 700m away; Numerous bus routes within walking distance
  • Cycle paths and pedestrian walkways adjacent
  • Dedicated, secure bicycle storage and access to public bike racks
  • Provision for electric vehicle charging station


Water is conserved through rainwater harvesting and reuse, waterwise landscaping and water-efficient fixtures and appliances.

  • Rainwater tanks used for the communal landscaping irrigation
  • Waterwise landscaping including low maintenance native plants and herb gardens
  • Water-efficient taps, showers, toilets and appliances with high WELS star ratings


Vélo is focused on ensuring that waste management facilities assist in the lowering of the overall carbon footprint of the building and its occupants.

  • Designated waste recycling stations are conveniently positioned on each floor to encourage residents to recycle and reduce their overall carbon footprint.
  • A Construction Waste Plan will ensure that appropriate steps are taken to reduce waste which would otherwise go to landfill again loweing the carbon footprint of the building.


The design and location of Vélo helps maximise the quality of life for its residents.

  • Excellent indoor air quality and ventilation, including operable windows and enclosable balconies
  • Low-VOC materials and paints
  • Health, fitness and outdoor leisure at your doorstep
  • Universal design features throughout provide access to people with disabilities


One of Vélo’s core principles is that of nurturing a sense of belonging and community. The development’s unique inner-city location provides diversity across many areas such as cultural, business and lifestyle as well as access to a complete range of services, facilities and amenities.

  • Community interation and socialisation is enhanced with the proposed small bar and café activating the pedestrian interface to the street and becoming a place of social gathering.
  • Central open air walkways and lobbies connect residents with lush green living landscaping enveloping the walkways.
  • Shopping, offices, medical services, dining, childcare, health and fitness facilities, and entertainment centres all in close proximity
sustainability building plan